These are dangerous times we live in

The All Natural Alternatives and Essential Oils crazes are becoming more prevalent, and any company that can make a quick buck is hopping on board.  We are seeing more and more inexpensive “Essential Oils” hitting the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores every day.  While they advertise “All Natural” and “100% Pure”, this is not only untrue and not possible, it is unsafe.  I say not possible, because you simply cannot generate a pure product, vet it through third party testing, and sell it on a shelf for $3 expecting to turn a profit.  These companies are using CHEMICALS and SYNTHETICS as FILLERS, which can be TOXIC and HARMFUL.  They are cutting corners at YOUR expense and at the expense of your health and wellbeing.

I have begun to follow Dr. Pappas as he uncovers and reveals the false advertising with these companies.  He details the testing he conducts on these products and provides a lot of valuable information.  Below are some of his most recent posts:


Here we go again. Walmart selling essential oils is kinda like McDonald’s offering filet mignon. Why would anyone buy it? But they are, and by the millions. Which is why I have to expose this. Too many people using these oils internally which is why we all have to work together to expose this stuff and share it with as many people as possible. 

It seems people will believe anything when their desire to save money is so strong that it clouds their judgement. I recently took a look at this “lavender” on the GC/MS and its quite clear that its adulterated with large amounts of synthetic linalool and synthetic linalyl acetate.

This oil being sold to Walmart from yet another Utah company called Rimports, Inc. riding the current popular wave of essential oil interest and offering the promise of 100% pure essential oils at dirt cheap prices. It’s important to note that these bad oils in Walmart are no longer coming from Gurunanda who I applaud for going to great lengths to improve their quality after I did my first exposé on companies selling oils through Walmart.

But we all know that there are just prices that are too cheap to be possible and this oil, as you can see from the analysis report, appears to be a lavandin oil compound that has been boosted with significant amounts of synthetic linalool and linalyl acetate. It’s very easy to prove this by the presence of the trace marker components dihydrolinalool and dihydrolinalyl acetate which do not occur in nature. When these components are present it tells us that a large amount of the linalool and linalyl acetate were added from a synthetic source. Further support could be provide by doing carbon 14 isotope testing to confirm the overall % of the oil that is derived from petrol chemicals.

These scamming companies will never stop doing this until enough people get educated in order to understand that you cannot get real lavender oil this cheap. It seems as if more and more of these companies are getting into the game each day. Please share this post with as many people as you can so people don’t support these fake oils. These companies damage the industry as a whole because they are not true essential oils and when they don’t work as they should people get a bad impression of essential oils and aromatherapy. Please help us all by spreading the word!

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Many of you watched my videos the other day where I went into Walgreens and purchased their “Frankincense” essential oil that is being offered by a company called Nature’s Truth and labeled “100% Pure” on the box and claimed to be of the Boswellia serrata variety, which normally comes from India. The price for this oil was only $6.99 for a 15ml bottle or two bottles for $12.00. Sadly, this oil showed no evidence of having ANY steam distilled frankincense oil in it, at least not that we could detect, and certainly not anywhere remotely close to being 100% pure. It did seem to contain a very small amount of Frankincense CO2 extract, I guess to make themselves feel good, but the product was mainly heavy, non-volatile carrier products with some synthetic aroma chemicals and a little patchouli oil thrown in for good measure. Sadly this is just par for the course when it comes to big chain stores trying to sell essential oils. They just cannot seem to pull it off. Additionally, I went to CVS Pharmacy across the street who is also selling this brand, it was a different lot number but was essentially the same thing that Walgreens was offering. The CVS lot number was 25536. 

If you watch video 4 of the series ( you can see after returning to my lab with the samples, I show the consistency of the oils compared to authentic frankincense oil. These fake frankincense oils were much thicker in consistency and much less volatile as compared to real frankincense oil and one can easily see the difference by simply dipping a scent strip into the bottle of the fake product while doing the same to the real frankincense and comparing. The real frankincense oil evaporates very quickly compared to the fake ones because the true oil is quite volatile as it contains mainly monoterpenes.

Shown in the pictures below are the shots of the actual bottle purchased from Walgreens as well as the GC/MS analysis reports from the Nature’s Truth oil compared to an authentic Boswellia serrata oil we personally water distilled from the resin imported from India. As you can see there are vast differences between the GC profiles, most notably all the heavy junk found in the Nature’s Truth oil coming off very late in the run, most of which was too heavy to even come off the column in a single, very long, GC run.

I hope people don’t get the wrong impression by my reporting of this. I have nothing against these big retail stores, they are good companies in many respects, but they simply have not invested the time and money in personnel who understand anything about what true essential oils are. And because of their ignornace and desire to get the cheapest product possible on the shelves, they get duped by suppliers who give them the lowest bids and claim the oils are as pure as the driven snow. Hopefully by exposing these fake oils it will cause the big retailers to wake up and not be so willing to just go with whatever newcomer into the industry is willing to give them the lowest quote. I am not giving the retailers a total pass though, certainly they should spend a little resources, better educating their buyers about the products that they are going to offer on their shelves. There are potential consumer safety issues that could arise from these companies selling fake oils to people who assume they are true because they come from a pharmacy and then use them as they would a true oil. Not only this, but if an oil like this fake frankincense were to be put into a nebulizing diffuser it would absolutely ruin your diffuser because of how thick and non-volatile this fragrance oil is. When this happens it gives the entire industry a bad name.

Lastly, I do analysis for a lot of good companies who spend a lot of money to source real essential oils and go to the trouble of having third party labs like EOU do the analtytical testing to insure the quality for their customers. These companies offering the true oils and doing proper QC cannot compete on price with the companies selling the fake products cut with cheap synthetics. Unless someone exposes these companies for what they are, people will just think all essential oils are equal and that they can always get these oils cheaper from a big chain store, when in fact the retail chain stores and Amazon are many times selling the lowest quality fakes that are on the market. I know that a lot of my followers would never consider buying an essential oil from Amazon or one of these big retail chains, but you have to remember that many people simply are not educated enough about essential oils to know the difference.



Here is the full report on the Radha Beauty fake “lavender oil” that was being sold on Amazon and is mostly synthetic aroma chemicals. This 4 oz bottle was selling for $12.95, but now has been removed after I did my video exposing this fraud ( ) As you can see in the report the markers for synthetic linalool and synthetic linalyl acetate addition are very obvious. From the results we know that the oil is at likely at least 70% synthetic aroma chemicals. The cost for this lavender fragrance oil is likely around $25/kg or less. More results to follow from the other top sellers on Amazon who are scamming people with these fake products. The lavender oil was not the only one that was adulterated. More results to follow. As we expose these frauds and the following complaints to Amazon ensue, these products get removed from the Amazon stores. One by one we are making a difference!



In part two of my video entitled SCAMAZON! (please watch the video before you comment I discuss the lavender oil from another very popular vendor on Amazon, Art Naturals. This “lavender oil” claims to be pure essential oil of lavender from Bulgaria, just like the Radha Beauty sample. As you can see from the analysis report this is a mostly synthetic lavender fragrance oil that is again at least 70% synthetic. The oil is actually identical to the compound being sold by Radha Beauty and is believed to have been purchased from the same root source (note that the GC reports only look a little different because of the time window chosen for the chromatogram pictures on the reports are different but the overall chemical compositions are the same within the error of the instrument as even the exact same sample will vary slightly on two separate runs). It looks like Art Naturals is no longer selling this small bottle, but they are selling a larger 4 oz bottle for $12.97 and I am guessing is the same oil because its basically the same price as the Radha Beauty 4 oz bottle that was tested and shown to be fake. If you have purchased this fake lavender you should complain to Amazon and get your money back because it is nowhere close to true lavender oil. The smell of this horrible compound actually gives me a headache and I am used to smelling a lot of different things every single day. Please share this with everyone you know. Together we are making a difference and these vendors are being exposed and called to accountability. But sadly I don’t think this kind of behavior will ever stop until there is a class action lawsuit for product misrepresentation. But we can all certainly work together to put a dent in it and through education we can make it so that fewer and fewer people will fall for these scams, but only if we share the info and get it out there. Thanks for all your support!



The third fake lavender that I exposed in the recent SCAMAZON! video ( was that of Majestic Pure, another top seller on Amazon. This lavender (lot #50237) was perhaps the worst of the bunch since it had no detectable amount of actual lavender or even lavandin oil. Furthermore it had a relatively very large amount of coumarin in the oil which is known toxic chemical. If you have purchased this lavender you will notice that it has a sickening sweet aroma, this is due to the high level of coumarin. Despite saying right on the label “100% Pure & Authentic Therapeutic Grade” this lavender is 0% lavender and should never be used therapeutically in a way that pure lavender would be used. 

Again, this is not meant to be anything directed towards Amazon, they are just the platform that scammers are using to sell their fake oils. I have heard many people commenting that they are throwing away these bottles once they find out they are fake, but that is the last thing you should do! If you have any of these bottles you should hold on to them in case their is a class action lawsuit against these companies as well as just for your own smelling reference as to what these fake lavender fragrances smell like. Thanks and please share this post with everyone who cares about using only true essential oils.


Please please friends!  Don’t let friends buy grocery store essential oils!!  There is also a reason why we urge you to not buy essential oils from Amazon – even doTERRA brand essential oils!  The caps and seals can easily be removed without being broken, and the certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that doTERRA produces can be diluted and sold to you by a dishonest person for a profit.  DoTERRA is an amazing company that goes to great lengths to give back, not only to it’s customers, but to the whole world!!  Education is so critical with oils, so please research and learn!

As always, I am here for anyone who has questions or comments regarding anything I post, doTERRA, or essential oils in general, as well as all natural alternatives for a healthier happier life.

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