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Today I was called out of work early because my little man wasn’t feeling well. We had been battling congestion and a runny nose with Breathe for the past few days, but today he threw up and had diarrhea while at the babysitters. A first for us. She said it had been evident that he was not feeling well because he is usually very busy and active, but today he just sat on the couch. As I was driving to rescue my sweet little babe I pondered over everything he had eaten in the past few days, everything he drank, how much he had slept, was there a moment where he could’ve gotten into something I didn’t see that was upsetting his tummy? My anxiety started to rise as I began to feel helpless. Should I call the doctor and make an appointment? What would they even do – give him an IV and some ibuprofen, and send us on our way, more than likely. How long would I have to watch my baby suffer?


As soon as we got home I took my roller bottle of DigestZen, which is already diluted, and applied small circles around his belly button. I gently rubbed the healing oils into his little belly while he played on the iPad. While those went to work, I added OnGuard and a little bit of Lemon to my diffuser, and fired that puppy up! In the time it took me to rub oils on his belly and put a few drops of cleansing oil into my diffuser, he was already beginning to perk up!!

I knew I needed to help his tiny immune system fight off whatever was invading his little body, so I grabbed my roller bottles and an immune boosting trio – OnGuard, doTERRA’s Protective Blend that contains a dynamic germ fighting mixture – Arborvitae, a powerful cleansing and purifying agent – and Frankincense, which I refer to as the Jesus of oils because it is so amazing and incredible.

I use far less drops in my roller bottles for kids than I would normally¬†because their skin is more sensitive. ¬†For this bottle I put around 3 drops each of Arborvitae and OnGuard, and about 6 drops of Frankincense. I topped the roller bottle off with Fractionated Coconut Oil. As soon as it was ready, he knew what to do! And rubbed the oils on his feet himself!! Within no more than 20 minutes, he was back to his normal self. It was incredible to see my baby go from whiny and miserable, to full speed running in circles and getting into everything like usual. It is empowering to be your family’s healer, and have the knowledge to ease their discomfort with the gifts of nature. No worries of nasty side effects.

Oils and the knowledge to apply them are a blessing. For some families avoiding trips to the doctor could ease additional financial burden. To learn more we can schedule a class or a one-on-one. If you are interested in earning free oils and gifts, it is easy and fun to host a class!!



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