Defenses Against Harmful Bacteria

Any time a sniffle comes up, an ear starts to ache, or there’s a tickle in a throat – I know to go straight to my oils.  DoTERRA’s OnGuard supports immunity and can, more often than not, do the job of helping my body naturally cope through any ailment.  If a virus or superbug has taken hold, I bust out the Oregano and Geranium.  I have learned to grab the Breathe blend for congestion and cough, as well as peppermint and lavender to cool and soothe aches and pains, and help lower fever.  These oils have been a blessing and a God send for my family and especially my child.  It is very scary for a parent to see their baby suffering, and to feel helpless to make them better.
Unfortunately our society has gotten away from natural healing, and the onslaught of pharmaceuticals and antibiotics have created bigger, badder, and scarier bugs that we now must battle.  (Not to mention additional ailments and issues – “Your blood pressure is high, take this pill that may thin your blood. Oh your blood is thin, take this pill that may cause depression. Oh you’re sad, here take this pill, but it might raise your blood pressure.” The cycle continues … This is a topic that I will post about in the future. BigPharma’s poisoning of America)
It seems that we are realizing the flaw in creating chemicals, synthetics, and unnatural compounds to treat infection and disease.  We are from the Earth, and our bodies are simply wired to respond to natural remedies. The future of medicine will undoubtedly incorporate the use of essential oils. Doctors and scientists have been studying the effectiveness of essential oils against bacteria, and specifically as a solution to combatting antibiotic resistant bacteria.
A landmark study on essential oils is currently underway at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, that could potentially change the face of medicine for future generations.
Please read the following article by Dr. Cole Woolley, describing the effects of essential oils against the Staph bacteria:

Cole Woolley, PhD – Exploring Essential Oils

Defenses against Harmful Bacteria – Pine, Orange, Tea Tree, and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oils

Today I start a series of posts showing you the defensive action of essential oils against harmful bacterial growth. My hope it that the photos I share will help you visualize what you do not normally see. 

Bacteria that are harmful to humans and animals can be found everywhere in the world. They are found in water, in dirt, on unclean surfaces, and in the air. You do not have to be a germaPHOBE to defend against harmful bacteria. You can live in this world of harmful bacteria if you learn how to defend against their growth.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to defend against harmful bacterial growth in the body.

Provide a Constant Defense – Healthy Immune System*************
The best defense against harmful bacteria is a constant defense. Imagine your body is an ancient fortress with high walls made to keep the enemy from entering. As long as the tall stone walls, high timbers, watery moat, and strong gates, as well as archers, spear-carrying watchmen, heavy throwing stones, and vats of boiling oil are constantly alert to maintain a strong defensive advantage, the fortress will be able to defend off the invading enemies.

When your body’s immune defenses are constantly alert and active you will find yourself healthy. This is the function of your human immune system: defending against foreign bacteria.

However, when you periodically open your defensive gate, due to negligence or forgetfulness, then you may allow one of more spies of the enemy to enter your fortress. You weaken your defenses by improper diet, a diet rich in sugar, improper sleep, irregular sleep, sedentary living, and insufficient sleep. All these unhealthy habits can weaken your defensive immune system.

Just one enemy spy is enough to weaken some of your defenses. One enemy spy can open the gates at night. One enemy spy can dig a tunnel under the defensive walls. Therefore, keep your human immune defenses alert and active. Get proper sleep. Eat a healthy diet. Supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. The best defense against harmful bacteria is a constant defense.

Defend against Harmful Staphylococcus Bacteria**************
Some essential oils are more effective than others at fighting against attacks by harmful Staph bacteria. Let’s look at some laboratory results with Staphylococcus bacteria added to petri dishes containing a lively growing medium of sugar and water, then kept warm to promote Staph growth.

In this experiment (usually know as MIC studies (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) drops of essential oil are added to a bacterial-free adsorbing disk at the center of the petri dish plate. If the essential oil is an effective defense against growing Staph bacterial colonies, it will form a defensive circle radiating from the center that is free of bacteria. Only bacteria on the fringes will survive and thrive.

Essential oils: Pine, Tea tree, Orange, and Cinnamon bark********
There are 100-300 different molecules in almost every essential oil. The stronger the essential oil molecules are in defending against Staphylococcus organisms the wider the ring that is free of bacteria. Today let’s look at the defensive action of four essential oils: pine, tea tree, orange, and cinnamon bark.

First let’s look at the Staphylococcus bacterial growth WITHOUT essential oils. Staph colonies cover the entire plate. The Staph organisms are free to colonize the entire plate. They show up as dark-green dots and clusters throughout the petri dish because the dishes are backlit. This mimics the Staph growth in a very unhealthy body.

Pine and orange essential oils provide a mild defense against Staph growth. However, a constant defense of pine and orange essential oils can assist in defending against the proliferation of Staph growth.

Tea tree essential oil provides a slightly stronger defense against Staph growth. The bacteria-free circle is wider than those for pine and orange essential oils. This still shows that tea tree essential oil is a good soldier against harmful Staph organisms as long as there is a constant watch by the sentry soldiers.

Cinnamon bark essential oil provides the strongest defense against Staph growth of these four essential oils. The bacteria-free circle is very broad. Some Staph colonies are growing on the periphery, but not in the center. This is why cinnamon bark is a strong essential oil defense against Staph and other harmful bacteria.

I will continue this series of posts with more examples of essential oils that show defensive action against harmful Staph growth so you can get a better feel for their defensive strengths. I’ll also share additional MIC study results with other harmful bacterial strains. The defensive action is ALL in the chemistry of the essential oil molecules.

Dr. Cole Woolley, the essential oil explorer

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