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There are generally 3 different types of people I work with:

The first type are those that just want to implement the oils into their own personal lives. My job is to make sure you know how to use the oils the most efficient and effective way so you get the best value for your money. I also help you learn to use the oils everyday in every way. I never want you to buy something you don't know how to use.

The second type of person are those that love the oils and start thinking "I need to tell my uncle/ sister/ neighbor, etc about this!... Or maybe you love the oils, but would love them more if they were free, or if you could even earn a little extra spending cash. Because doTERRA is an education based product and there are so many different variables that go into the quality, they market through person to person interaction because this provides the best education and product support. Because of that, doTERRA gives you up to 20% for anyone that enrolls through you, or someone you enroll. If you'd like to host an event, please email me so I can come present a class for you!!

The 3rd type of person are those like myself that want to proactively educate others with their health and sometimes even their wealth. We all know with the healthcare system and the state it is in, there is a HUGE demand for other options. The same is true for the Financial system. There are far too many people that are just surviving instead of thriving. They're living their jobs and trying to fit their lives around that. We've switched that paradigm around so that we LIVE our life around our family and the things that matter most, and we fit our work around that! Now of course, as with any work, there are still sacrifices. But with doTERRA, WE are the ones that get to choose which sacrifices to make and when to make them. And with this 3rd type of person, this is who we partner with and invest most our time and resources into so we can help them through our proven system of success. It doesn't matter to me which one of these categories fit you best. Just let me know so that I can make sure I position you with the right type of support for your needs so that you never feel like you are being hassled and you never feel like you aren't getting the help you need to build your business!!

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